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A Guide to Chisels

The farm tools and equipment you use on your farm can have a significant impact on the success of your farm. Chisels, in particular, serve many important purposes when it comes to farming, and understanding what those purposes are can help you make more informed decisions when you’re shopping for farm tools and equipment for your operations. This week’s Richmond Brothers Equipment blog post provides a breakdown of chisels.

Richmond Brothers Equipment offers a wide range of high-quality tools that can lower your cost per acre, including chisels, ripper points, shovels, and much more. We’ve spent decades researching and innovating the highest quality, most reliable solutions that are designed to help increase efficiency on your farm while lowering your cost per acre. Read this week’s Richmond Brothers Equipment blog post to learn more about chisels, and reach out to our team of farm tool experts in Bay Port to get your chisels today!

What Is a Chisel?

A chisel, or chisel plow, is a popular farming tool used for deep tillage. Its main purpose is to loosen and aerate your soil while leaving crop residue at the surface of the soil. Chisel plows work to reduce compaction. It’s important to know that, unlike many other tillage tools, chisels do not turn or invert the soil. Therefore, a chisel is a great tool for no-till or low-till farming, as it works to prevent erosion and helps keep organic matter on the surface of the soil throughout the year. Due to these factors, chisels are typically considered to be a more sustainable type of tillage tool than many others.

How Does a Chisel Plow Work?

Chiseling is typically performed in the fall and is then followed by secondary tillage come spring. Chisels are usually set to 8 to 12” deep, with the maximum depth at 18”. Chisel plows work to produce a rough surface and leave approximately 50 to 70% of the existing corn or grain residue on the surface of the soil. Each of the individual shanks are typically set from 9 to 12” inches apart.

Benefits of a Chisel Plow

Chisel plows offer many different benefits, which can be found below.

  • Loosening and aerating the soil

  • Reducing the effects of compaction

  • Loosening of the hardpan, which is a hardened, impervious layer of soil that impairs drainage and crop growth

  • Reducing erosion for your soil, saving you money and offering sustainability

  • Preventing any type of soil crust formation

  • Severing weed roots below the surface, reducing growth of unwanted plants

To learn more about the specific benefits of chisel plows from Richmond Brothers Equipment, reach out to our team in Bay Port today!

What to Look for in a Chisel Plow

When selecting a chisel plow for your farm, there are a number of things you should consider. Chisel plows can have a significant impact on the success of your farming operations, so you want to select chisels that are made with proper materials and help save you money.

You should first consider quality and durability, as you want a chisel plow you can rely on for seasons to come. If you purchase chisels that are made with low-quality materials, you’ll be replacing them more than necessary, which costs you money and time. Our chisel plows at Richmond Brothers Equipment are manufactured using a superior chrome cast formula, which is designed to outlast competitors by three to six times.

You always want to be sure that your chisel plow offers impact and abrasion resistance, so that your chisel plow will hold up in a variety of soil conditions.

When shopping for chisel plows for your farm, you should also be aware of sizes and options. You want to find a farm equipment dealer that offers a wide range of options, so that you can choose one that best suits your farming needs. This will help you save time and money in the long run, as the correct chisel plow can help make your processes more efficient, lowering your cost per acre.

Lastly, you want to select chisel plows that won’t break the bank. Here at Richmond Brothers Equipment, we believe in pricing each of our products fairly to offer our customers the best value.

Richmond Brothers Equipment offers a wide range of the highest quality chisel plows on the market. Reach out today to learn more about our options in Bay Port!

5 Benefits of Chisel Plows

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Our team is here to help you select the tools you need for your farm. We’ll offer our professional guidance to ensure that you’re getting the best tools for your operations. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about our chisel plows or how to select the proper farm tools and equipment based on your specific goals and needs.

To learn more about our chisel plows, ripper points, shovels, or other high-quality tillage tools, reach out to our team at Richmond Brothers Equipment in Bay Port. We look forward to providing you with superior tools that allow you to lower your cost per acre and make your daily operations more efficient!