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Benefits of a Winged Chisel Plow

When it comes to selecting farm tools and equipment for your farm, you want the very best that the market has to offer. Something that will get the job done right and last for seasons to come, lowering your cost per acre and increasing your farm’s efficiency. At Richmond Brothers Equipment, that’s what we’re all about. In this week’s blog post, we discuss the specific benefits of our winged chisel plow points, as opposed to our competitors’.

Richmond Brothers Equipment has been a leader in the farm tools and equipment industry for decades. We’ve got the skills, knowledge, and expertise necessary to develop reliable, durable solutions that make your life easier and lower your costs. Read this week’s blog post to learn more about our chisel plow points and visit our farm equipment dealer in Bay Port today!


Benefit #1: Long-Lasting

Tillage tools can be a large investment, which means you don’t want to have to replace them every year, or in some cases, even more frequently than that. At Richmond Brothers Equipment, we understand that, which is why we’ve developed chisel plow points that outlast our competitors. In fact, our chisel plow points have the capability to last five times longer than a conventional shovel, which can help you lower your cost per acre.

Benefit #2: Residue Mixing and Incorporation

Crop residue is material left on cultivated land that remains after a crop has been harvested. This residue can act as a mulch that counteracts the destructive impacts of rain and wind, helping to retain soil moisture and enhance crop yield during subsequent harvests.

Richmond Brothers Equipment has developed chisel plow points that aim to improve residue mixing and incorporation to help give you an increased crop yield every season.

Benefit #3: Easy Pulling

Certain tillage tools have a difficult time making their way through the soil, which can make for rough pulling. Our chisel plow points at Richmond Brothers Equipment, however, pull easier, using less horsepower and fuel, helping to lower your cost per acre.

Benefit #4: Efficient Pulling

Not only do our chisel plow points pull more easily than traditional chisel plows, but they also do so more efficiently. They can pull tools one to 1.5 times faster than chisel plow points created by our competitors. This means you’ll spend less time out in the field and more time getting other things done on the farm.

Benefit #5: Various Depth Abilities

Certain chisel plow points only have one option as far as soil depth, which can be frustrating if you’re in need of variability. Luckily, chisel plow points from Richmond Brothers Equipment offer a range of depth options, so you can pull these tillage tools deeper if necessary. Now, you won’t have to change tillage tools every time you need to dig deeper into the soil.

Benefit #6: Smooth Finish

Traditional twisted shovels tend to tear up your soil, leaving it rugged and uneven. However, with chisel plow points from Richmond Brothers Equipment, you can look forward to a smooth, even field finish after every use.

Discover Chisel Plow Points Today

As farmers ourselves, our team at Richmond Brothers Equipment understands the importance of creating high-quality, reliable tillage tools that get the job done well for seasons to come. That’s why we’ve developed our RBPR Ultimate Winged Chisel Plow Points. These lightweight, long-lasting tools are made from a superior chrome cast formula that is both abrasion- and impact-resistant.

Reduce your cost per acre and make your processes more efficient when you purchase winged chisel plow points and other tillage tools from Richmond Brothers Equipment today!