3 Reasons Why You Should Be Deep Tilling Your Soil

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Successful farm management begins with healthy, high-quality soil. Unfortunately, nutrient-rich soil doesn’t just happen — it requires the proper tools and procedures to reach its full potential. That’s where Richmond Brothers Equipment steps in! With proper tillage, you can boost your soil’s productivity and effectiveness, growing more crops of a higher quality. If you haven’t been deep tilling your soil, here are four great reasons to start doing so now!


Loosen Your Soil

Big clumps of soil in your field are the result of soil compaction, which can be detrimental to crop growth and development, and can also contribute to an increased risk of flooding and water runoff. When soil is compacted, either by excess rainfall or being pressed down by heavy machinery, it can reduce yields by as much as 60%. Tilling your fields helps to break up these chunks or larger areas of dense, compacted soil, allowing root systems to more easily take hold and produce healthy and bountiful crops.


Destroy Problem Weeds

Since humanity first started experimenting with agriculture, weeds have been a nuisance. These problem plants compete for nutrients and sunlight with your crops, reducing yields and depriving your crops of what they need. To combat these plant pests, farmers discovered that tilling, in combination with other preventative measures, helped to drastically reduce the impact of weeds by disrupting their growth. While tilling alone can help solve weed problems in the short term, combining deep tilling with other methods of weed control proves most effective.

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Incorporation of Crop Residue Into Soil

Deep tilling is one of the most effective ways to manage the residue from previous crops. As you deep till your field, you’ll be essentially chopping up and redistributing previous crop plant material, incorporating it into your soil. This helps to promote a rapid decay of that beneficial plant matter, making field management much easier than other methods. This process helps to further saturate your top layer of soil with organic material to increase your yields.

What Causes Soil Compaction

It’s time to start deep tilling your soil! Richmond Brothers Equipment provides farmers with the tools and equipment they need to be successful. You can shop online for the parts you need here!

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