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When it comes to sustainable and productive farming practices, prioritizing soil health is key. Healthy soil provides a solid foundation for successful crop growth, nutrient retention, water infiltration, and overall agricultural sustainability. One effective method for enhancing soil health is through deep tillage. At Richmond Brothers, our innovative tillage tools can help farmers achieve optimal soil health. Read on to learn more and shop our farming equipment inventory today!

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As a farmer, you're always looking for ways to increase the productivity and profitability of your farm. One way to achieve these goals is by investing in high-quality farming equipment, such as cultivator shovels that can help you prepare your land for planting, control weeds, and improve soil health. At Richmond Brothers Equipment, we strive to provide you with the cultivator shovels you need to get the job done right. Read all about how cultivator shovels can help improve your bottom line, then visit our shop to find the right one for your needs.

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Cultivator shovels are essential farming tools that can significantly impact the yield and quality of your crops. However, choosing the right cultivator shovel for your farming needs can be challenging, especially if you're not familiar with the different types of cultivator shovels available in the market.

At Richmond Brothers Equipment, we are dedicated to supplying farmers with quality equipment that gets the job done right every time, as well as providing the information they need to make an informed decision on the equipment that is best suited for their needs. Read all about what you should consider when buying a cultivator shovel, then check out our shop to find the one for you!

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As technology advances and the world becomes more digitized, it is easy to overlook the importance of traditional farming tools such as cultivator shovels. However, the reality is that cultivator shovels are still an essential part of modern farming, and their significance cannot be ignored. In this blog, we will explore the importance of cultivator shovels in modern farming and why investing in high-quality tools such as those offered by Richmond Brothers Equipment is crucial for the success of any farm.

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As a farmer, one of your top priorities is minimizing costs while maximizing profits. One effective way to achieve this is by investing in high-quality farming equipment. Richmond Brothers offer an extensive range of top-notch agricultural tools and farm implements to help you lower your farming costs. Here are four ways quality farm tools can do just that:

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Whether you’re growing crops in a backyard garden or in a field as a professional farmer, one thing is for certain — hard, compacted soil is going to lead to frustration. At Richmond Brothers Equipment, we are proud to offer a wide variety of agricultural tools and equipment. That means we have just what you need to loosen your topsoil and help your crops grow. Keep reading to learn more, then shop our full selection of farming equipment and tillage tools today!

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If you're a farmer, then you know the importance of having quality farm equipment. At Richmond Brothers Equipment, we are proud to partner with Salford, a manufacturer of top-quality tillage and precision farming equipment, and more. Salford has been in business for more than 40 years, and they are known for their innovative products and dedication to customer satisfaction. We are confident that our partnership with Salford will bring you the best farm equipment available on the market today!


A cultivator shovel is a type of agricultural machinery that is used on farms to cultivate the soil. It is similar to a traditional shovel, but it has specially designed blades that help break up the soil and prepare it for planting. If you are looking for a reliable and durable cultivator shovel, then Richmond Brothers Equipment can help!

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Tools and equipment are critical for a farmer to be successful. The operations of your farm will never reach their full potential if you don't have the correct farm tools and equipment. You can trust Richmond Brothers Equipment to provide your farm with high-quality, long-lasting, and dependable tools. Continue reading to learn what makes Richmond Brother the best source for farm equipment parts, and shop our selection today!

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Not all cultivator shovels are created equal. If you want the most efficient tilling, you need the best products. Richmond Brothers Equipment is your trusted, local source for all of the farming tools and equipment you need for your farm in Bay Port. Read on to learn what makes a good cultivator shovel, and shop our selection of Ultimate Shovels today!

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Bourgault Tillage Tools and Richmond Brothers Equipment have entered into an agreement which will add a new long-wear Deep Tillage Product line for our dealer and distributor networks. The agreement will also expand Bourgault Tillage Tools into the Great Lakes Region of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.


St. Brieux, SK (February 26th, 2021)

Bourgault Tillage Tools and Richmond Brothers Equipment are excited to announce that they have reached an agreement that will expand the BTT product catalogue to incorporate Deep Tillage products such as Ultimate Ripper Points, Ultimate Cast Shovels, Bearing Protectors and Ultimate Chisel Plow Points. This announcement helps to strengthen the Bourgault Tillage Tools expansive product line that previously included Disk Blades, Harrow Tines, Replaceable Tips, Seed Boot Systems, Speed-Loc Systems, Sweeps & Spikes, and Seeding Knives (Fertilizer & Seeding).

The expanded products contain a unique formulation that is highly durable and wear-resistant. Comparative testing...

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So, you’ve finally broken down and decided that it’s time to buy new farm equipment. For many farmers, this can be a large ordeal, as you’ve more than likely grown to love your previous equipment and have gotten used to using it every day. Taking the step to buy new equipment is exciting, yet there are some questions you must ask before you do.

When you are in the market for new farming equipment, there are many options available for you to make your purchase. Maybe you want to buy brand new equipment, or maybe used farming equipment will suit your needs just fine.

Richmond Brothers Equipment offers both new and used farming equipment, including carts, mowers, tillers, blades, and more. We have options from a range of brands such as Art’s Way, Bush Hog, Degelman, Salford, Horsh, and more. If you are shopping for farm or agricultural equipment, reach out to our team of experts at Richmond Brothers Equipment today. We can help you find the farming equipment that’s just right for you. Read this week’s blog post for seven...


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