Bourgault Tillage Tools & Richmond Brothers Equipment Distribution Agreement

Bourgault Tillage Tools and Richmond Brothers Equipment have entered into an agreement which will add a new long-wear Deep Tillage Product line for our dealer and distributor networks. The agreement will also expand Bourgault Tillage Tools into the Great Lakes Region of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.


St. Brieux, SK (February 26th, 2021)

Bourgault Tillage Tools and Richmond Brothers Equipment are excited to announce that they have reached an agreement that will expand the BTT product catalogue to incorporate Deep Tillage products such as Ultimate Ripper Points, Ultimate Cast Shovels, Bearing Protectors and Ultimate Chisel Plow Points. This announcement helps to strengthen the Bourgault Tillage Tools expansive product line that previously included Disk Blades, Harrow Tines, Replaceable Tips, Seed Boot Systems, Speed-Loc Systems, Sweeps & Spikes, and Seeding Knives (Fertilizer & Seeding).

The expanded products contain a unique formulation that is highly durable and wear-resistant. Comparative testing showed a significant advantage in performance vs. OEM and competitive product lines. This formulation was designed at the Richmond Brother farm in response to multiple requests to enhance Deep Tillage products' longevity. The result was expansive growth in the Great Lakes Region. Partnering with Bourgault Tillage Tools will allow market access to North America, including Canada, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Internationally, the product will also be available through our distributor channels in the UK, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Australia.

Richmond Brothers Equipment will become a distributor for Bourgault Tillage Tools in the Great Lakes Region of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. They have an established network of dealers and will continue expansion in this area by combining their high-quality Deep Tillage Product line with the existing Bourgault Tillage Tools offering.

Bourgault Tillage Tools and the Richmond Brothers will be working with dealers on a demo program leading up to the official release in the Summer of 2021 for the Fall.